Odd Ancient Dwellings Of The Snake People – Clues From Biblical Lands – Part 2

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - In part 1 we discussed why these ancient buildings are unusual, and what experts had to say about the puzzling architecture that sometimes doesn’t make any sense.

We investigated several ancient places in Europe and America and as previously stated, it remains unknown who built these mysterious ancient structures. Still, these ancient buildings separated by a vast distance are some reason very similar in shape and design. Did they serve the same purpose too?

Odd Ancient Dwellings Of The Snake People - Clues From Biblical Lands - Part 2

Credit: yasti84 - Adobe Stock

There are theories, some rather unorthodox in nature that can shed light on this ancient mystery.

Now it’s time to listen to the wise words of our ancestors. Can they offer us more information making it easier to establish an ancient connection between these baffling buildings and the Snake People?

It seems some clues helping us solve our ancient mystery can be found in Biblical lands.

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