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Founded in 2009, Ancient Pages is today one of the world's largest sites covering all about the ancient world.

If you are interested in ancient mysteries, history, myths, legends, sacred writings, Biblical mysteries, and archaeology news - then you have come to the right place.

Picture Ancient Pages like a huge ancient book with thousands of pages that offer you all you need to know about the ancient world.

We present a classical view of ancient history, but we are not afraid to publish controversial ancient history articles.

There are many things we don’t know about our mysterious past and as truth-seekers, we think it’s important to keep an open mind and embrace all possibilities, as far-fetched as some may seem.

All our articles are based on scientific research, but we never neglect alternative ancient history that can shed new light on many unsolved ancient mysteries.

AncientPages.com is a sister site of MessageToEagle.com

Meet the Ancient Pages Team:

Ellen Lloyd – is the co-founder and owner of AncientPages.com and MessageToEagle.com. Ellen is an author who has spent decades researching ancient mysteries, history, myths, legends, and sacred texts, but she is also very interested in astronomy, astrobiology, and science in general. Ellen has written thousands of articles or as she says herself "more articles than she can remember".

You can contact Ellen at
[email protected]

A. Sutherland  – Founder and co-owner of AncientPages.com - Sutherland is our expert on ancient history and one of our most popular writers who has been with us right from the start. What is unique about A. Sutherland is that our staff writer also writes about astronomy and cosmology! So, there is no doubt Angus is a great talent and very appreciated among our readers!

Jan Bartek - is our ancient history writer who is responsible for archaeology news, the ancient history section and it happens that he writes about mythology. Jan has a talent for finding something unusual and surprise our readers.

Conny Waters - is our ancient history writer who enjoys writing about anything he feels could be new, surprising, and interesting to our readers. Conny covers archaeology news, many historical topics, and our section on ancient history facts.

Kevin Montana  – is chief editor and science journalist. Kevin covers space, astronomy, technology, and all related science topics over at MessageToEagle.com. At Ancient Pages, he helps with all subjects related to ancient astronomy.
You can contact Kevin at
[email protected]

Cynthia McKanzie – is editor and science writer. Cynthia has always been a true knowledge seeker. She is a very experienced writer and author of several hundreds of scientific articles. Her interests sometimes take her on amazing past, present and future journeys. She is also very interested in new physics and has written a number of articles on the subject. Cynthia writes mostly for MessageToEagle.com but it happens that she writes for Ancient Pages about the science of the ancient world.
You can contact Cynthia at
[email protected].

Eddie Gonzales Jr. – science writer

Eddie is an experienced science writer who covers our astronomy and earth-related subjects on our sister site MessageToEagle.com, but you can sometimes see his name here too.