How do I access premium articles?

In order to read our premium articles, you need to become a member. You select a subscription package, complete your purchase and we will set up your account so you can access all our articles. You can find all information about membership here

What is the difference between free and premium articles?

Our premium articles are much more comprehensive and much longer. These articles focus on ancient mysteries, hidden history, alternative history, unexplained phenomena and secret ancient knowledge. All premium articles are well-researched and based on books and magazines. These articles are especially written for readers who are truly interested in our ancient past and want to explore various topics further.

How often do you publish premium articles?

We publish premium articles several times per week. Our “trust policy” is simple and straight forward. Premium members trust us and pay for accessing content. They support our site and are seriously interested in our work. We return that trust by publishing many premium articles every week and of course all the other free articles we publish on daily basis.

We launched the premium section on April 6, but you can check out the archives here and more articles are added every day.

Premium Members:

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How can I change my password?

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I have a question that is not mentioned here. Who can I contact?

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Depending on the nature of your question, you’ll receive a reply from our admin, chief-editor, one of our writers or Ellen Lloyd.