The Untold Story Of The Lost City Of Machu Picchu Ignored By Historians

Ellen Lloyd - - Beautiful Machu Picchu in Peru is visited by millions who want to admire the ancient city’s magnificent architecture.

This ancient place is on the bucket list of many people, and rightly so, for it is a stunning site offering more than one might realize. While walking among these ancient ruins you get a sense of traveling back in time and you can almost feel a spiritual connection with our ancestors, but is there more at Machu Pichu than meets the eye? Do we really know everything about the lost city of Machu Picchu?

Does something at Machu Picchu give us reason to question the history of these ancient ruins and the Inca Empire?

The Untold Story Of The Lost City Of Machu Picchu Ignored By Historians

Many scholars suggest that this ancient city was once an astronomical observatory. Others believe it was a sacred site for religious and ceremonial purposes. After having read some old historical accounts and listened to certain modern scholars, we feel it is appropriate to ask some daring questions. What if Machu Picchu was something entirely different than previously thought? Is everything we have learned about Machu Picchu wrong?

This time, our journey and quest for the truth about our ancient past take us to Peru where we investigate a controversial theory that has been ignored by modern historians, and yet, it does offer us much to ponder.

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