Ancient Mystery Of The Menorah – Enigmatic Sacred Object With Complex History

Ellen Lloyd - - The menorah is a sacred symbol of Israel and the object’s history goes far back in time. According to ancient traditions, the seven-branched golden candelabra was lit daily in the ancient Tabernacle.

Based on a vision from Yahweh, Moses gave instructions how to build the menorah and the object has accompanied people of Israel for as long as they can remember. The golden lamp was brought into the Promised Land and other places where the Tabernacle was stationed.

Ancient Mystery Of The Menorah – Enigmatic Sacred Object With Complex History

We do know that the word “menorah” is Hebrew for “lamp,” but the true origins of this enigmatic ancient object are shrouded in mystery. The Torah does not provide us with information about the beginning of the menorah. However, if we remain open-minded and are prepared to investigate more controversial theories, we can discover that the menorah is a truly mystifying object that when fully understand sheds light on an ancient perplexing secret. There are many reasons to suspect the history of menorah is much more complex than previously thought.

In this article we investigate a controversial theory that offers evidence suggesting the menorah may not be what we have imagined.

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