Baffling Structures Unearthed In A Place Where Prehistoric Human Remains Are Missing Is An Ancient Mystery

Ellen Lloyd - - This time, we will discuss an ancient mystery that is genuinely puzzling for several reasons. More than 50 years ago, a curious explorer stumbled upon something extraordinary. The questions he asked at the time remain unanswered.


The story started when scientists came across very ancient stone structures in an uninhabited place, which is nothing unusual because archaeologists are supposed to discover magnificent ancient ruins all the time. The problem with these particular stone structures concerns their age and the fact no traces of ancient human activity was found the site. Still, "someone" must have lived there once.

Based on radiocarbon dating, researchers concluded the stone structures were built between 5,120 and 10,950 B.C. That alone makes us ponder because this is a big gap in our historical timeline. What kind of advanced civilization was present in this area around 10,950 B.C., and why have no human remains been unearthed in the vicinity of the structures?

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