Secrets Of The Two Half Crescent Moons And The Serpent People

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Ellen Lloyd – -  Among the myths and legends of ancient civilizations we encounter curious tales of strange celestial objects related to the Serpent People.

Sometimes it’s wise to pay attention to small details, even if they seem insignificant at the time. One man who observed an interesting ancient ritual performed in Arizona noticed a symbol that may shed some light on the puzzling mystery of the Serpent People and their connection with certain celestial objects.

The people of Central America have persevered stories describing how the gods destroyed the Earth by using a weapon that was as "hot as the sun", and the Hopi Indians say their ancestors witnessed flying shields in the skies over Palitkwapi.

Secrets Of The Two Half Crescent Moons And The Serpent People

In one of our previous articles, we talked about why the intriguing story of Tarenyawagon may be a combination of mythological events and historical accounts.

Perhaps the same applies to several other baffling tales told by our ancestors? Stories of the remarkable Serpent People can be found among most ancient cultures, and yet our understanding of these remarkable and wise beings remains limited.

Known under several different names, the Serpent People guided humanity in days when we need it most. “Present in various parts of the globe - as the "Nagas" ("snakes") in India, Amaru of South America, the Quetzalcoatls ("Plumed Serpents") in Mexico, the Djedhi ("snakes") in Egypt, the Lung ("dragons") in China or perhaps the Adders ("snakes") in Britain - the Serpents of Wisdom were welcomed by the indigenous people and worshipped as "Serpent prophets".” 1

Digging deeper into the ancient myths of our ancestors, we discover an interesting connection between the half-crescent moons and the Serpent People, but the story is complicated and there are several questions we must attempt to answer.

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