The Opening Of Pandora’s Box May Have Been A Real Event

Ellen Lloyd - - The story of how Pandora, out of curiosity, opened a box and unleashed all kinds of misery on our world is a well-known old Greek tale that has been retold in countless versions.

The Opening Of Pandora's Box May Have Been A Real Event

Pandora's Box, which most scholars agree was most likely a jar, is an artifact we encounter in Greek mythology. The story based on a set of epic poems by Hesiod called Theogony and Works and Days is filled with mythical symbolism, warnings, and unsolved riddles. Scholars who investigated the tale say the myth has been completely misunderstood.

There are several aspects of this myth that require further investigation, and there are those who are convinced the myth of Pandora's Box was based on a real event. If this is the case, what was the real meaning of the story of Pandora's Box? What could have happened?

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