Incredible Ancient Star Map Depicting Our Galaxy Is Hidden In Africa

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Ellen Lloyd - - Our ancestors studied the stars and other celestial objects with great interest. They observed the movements of the Moon, the Sun and the stars and documented their observations using whatever means they had to their disposal. Evidence of ancients’ astronomical knowledge has surprised us on many occasions. Most people who study ancient history will agree that our ancestors were more advanced than previously thought, but how much did they really know about our galaxy, the Milky Way?

Incredible Ancient Star Map Depicting Our Galaxy Is Hidden In Africa

An intriguing discovery reveals an ancient map depicting our galaxy may be hidden in Africa. How could ancient people make such accurate astronomical observation without access to sophisticated technology? People who constructed this star map possessed astronomical knowledge on our level, or may even have surpassed our own.

Our journey takes us to Africa where we investigate an incredible discovery that reveal astonishing prehistoric knowledge and an ancient legacy we have ignored.

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