Secrets Of A Lake That Could Re-Write Ancient History Of America – Ancient Visitors From Distant Countries – Part 3

Ellen Lloyd - - In part 1 of this series we talked about the myths and legends associated with the beautiful and mysterious lake. We discovered creation myths contradicted each other, but at the end they did reveal the same story.

In part 2, we investigated ancient ruins and artifacts found in this region. By examining ancient inscriptions and certain similarities found in other corners of the world, it soon became clear that there are many reasons to seriously consider the possibility this place was visited by one of several advanced ancient civilizations which crossed the oceans.

In the final section of this series, we will try to answer the question why people from so remote countries would bother to go on a dangerous journey to completely foreign lands. We do know that many ancient civilizations were excellent seafarers, but there must be an important reason why they decided to sail so far.

What were their motives? Were these ancient visitors just curious explorers or did they have a completely different purpose to come to this lake and its surroundings?

Their presence in this region of the world would re-write ancient history as we know it….

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