Ignored Archaeological Discovery At Puma Punku That Could Re-Write Ancient History

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - The mysterious site known as Puma Punku, “The Gateway of the Puma.” Puma Punku is a beautiful and true wonder of the ancient world. The amazing stonecutting technology at Puma Punku has hardly gone unnoticed.

Examinations of the stone cuts at Puma Punku offer evidence that sophisticated power tools had been used at the site, but its original builders remain an ancient mystery. Many researchers have tried to unravel the mystery of Puma Punku, but to this day no one knows what this place was, who built it, or how old it really is.

Ignored Archaeological Discovery At Puma Punku That Could Re-Write Ancient History

There is an ignored discovery at Puma Punku that most never mention and yet, it is so significant that it could easily re-write ancient history.

By examining this curious archaeological discovery, we can see that Puma Punku holds a much greater secret than just the highly sophisticated stonemasonry technology. In fact, this discovery is so important that it could shed new light on an unknown, advanced ancient civilization.

Do we dare to ask if the builders of Puma Punku visited other parts of the world?

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