Ancient Secrets Of The Amazon Jungle – Dangerous Expeditions And Hidden Treasures – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - -  "Gold is the most exquisite of all things," said Christopher Columbus a few centuries ago, and "whoever possesses gold can acquire all that he desires in the world. Truly, for gold he can gain entrance for his soul into Paradise."

In times of Columbus, a fabulous name "Manoa" or "Ma-Noa" ("Noah's water") had enchanting significance, because the place with statues of gold representing giants, and a mysterious statue of a prince covered in gold-dust, was reputed to be capital of Eldorado, a fabled land with the gold, rubies and silver "more abundant than in King Solomon's mines.

Columbus failed to find the place and many others did not have much luck either.

Ancient Secrets Of The Amazon Jungle - Dangerous Expeditions And Hidden Treasures - Part 1

They sought the mysterious land in vain; their desire to find gold cost them their lives because they faced starvation, dangerous rivers, deadly bites of insects, snakes and poisoned arrows of hostile people hidden in jungles.

The Amazon Jungle is very difficult to explore. Some expeditions teams have entered this dangerous area and brought back stories about remarkable ancient treasures, magnificent ruins and unknown inscriptions hidden that are still hidden in the jungle far away from public eyes.  Accounts of a vast golden city reached the modern world, but did such a remarkable place really exist?

Many explorers have never returned from their journey and their fate remains an unsolved mystery.

This time, we discuss some of the greatest secrets of the Amazon Jungle.

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