Biblical Mystery Of The Forbidden Fruit And The ‘Deep Sleep’

Ellen Lloyd - - The Bible is one of the world’s most-read books and one of the least understood. Though many events and personalities mentioned in the Bible can be traced with historical accuracy as proven by archaeologists, several puzzles in the Holy Book still defy explanation.

Theologians and scholars have admitted that there are curious Biblical passages open to interpretation. When studying the Bible, it is always worth examining other sacred writings that have survived since ancient times. Many different versions of Biblical stories can be found in Mesopotamian, ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Hebrew texts.

Biblical Mystery Of The Forbidden Fruit And The 'Deep Sleep'

One should also always keep in mind the Apocrypha. Written by unknown authors, these sacred texts were not canonized, but they remain nevertheless of vital importance to any serious student of the Bible.

In our article - Mystery Of Biblical Adam – A Hidden Story Within A Story Open To Interpretation we wrote why Adam is a complex Biblical figure. We have also discussed the possibility that Biblical Adam was a giant who emerged from an underground world.

During our study of the Bible, we discovered puzzling stories in ancient Oriental writings and certain Apocrypha. These accounts gave us much to ponder, and it would seem, Adam may not have been the person most of us thought.

As we continue to unravel the mystery of the Bible, it is now time to take a closer look at the forbidden fruit and the riddle of deep sleep.

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