Mysterious Otherworldly Creatures Witnessed By Biblical Prophet – What Happened?

Ellen Lloyd - - It’s time to unravel yet another Biblical mystery.

Whether you are a Christian or not, one must say the Bible is in many ways a fascinating read. The Holy Book contains amazing stories describing extraordinary meetings with unusual people, strange creatures, sightings of peculiar natural and artificial wonders, and unknown sky phenomena.

The Bible is without doubt one of the most mysterious book ever written, and we find an enigma on nearly every page.

Mysterious Otherworldly Creatures Witnessed By Biblical Prophet - What Happened?

Some Biblical accounts seem unbelievable and we tend to dismiss them as fantasies, but maybe we should dig deeper into some stories?

When reading the Bible, we are offered a choice. We can reject all Biblical stories as fantasies. We can choose to believe in miracles, or we can try using scientific methods to unravel certain peculiar Biblical mysteries.

In this article, we will rely on the latter and examine how a Biblical prophet’s strange meeting with otherworldly creatures can be explained if we rely on science and our knowledge of the Universe and alien life.

A respected scientist who examined this strange Biblical account has a theory that may shed light on one of the most puzzling encounters in the Holy Book.

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