Strange Encounter With A Supernatural Being In The 1790s

Ellen Lloyd – – A soon as people say they have witnessed a supernatural event people tend to raise an eyebrow in disbelief.

Something that has been labeled supernatural is attributed to some force beyond the scientific understanding of the laws of nature. We live in a three-dimensional world and interact with objects that have height, width, and depth.

Strange Encounter With A Supernatural Being In The 1790s

Scientists know there are many more dimensions, but they are indivisible to us. If we could access higher dimension, we would be able to see the past, present and future simultaneously.

The fact that we cannot see more than exists in our three-dimensional world doesn’t exclude the likelihood that unknown entities exist in realms invisible to our naked eye. Perhaps it is sometimes possible to catch a brief glimpse of “invisible beings” that manifest themselves shortly in our reality. When this happens, it’s simply called a supernatural sighting, and this the subject of today’s article.

The event we discuss is a strange encounter with a supernatural being. It happened in the 1790s, and it’s just one of many sightings that followed in years to come.

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