‘Impossible’ Ancient Traces Of Humans – No, We Are Not The First

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'Impossible' Ancient Traces Of Humans - No, We Are Not The First

Who are we to judge what is impossible and not? Can we with certainty say we are the first truly advanced civilization on this planet?  What evidence do we have to make this claim? On the other hand, we must also ask – what evidence do we possess to claim we are not the first advanced beings to walk the Earth?

In this article, we investigate some “impossible” findings that may shed new light on our ancestors and the true history of mankind.

Granted that some of these discoveries are controversial in nature. Scientists have not dismissed them as fakes, but despite being genuine no one has really bothered to investigate these discoveries in detail. It’s a shame because learning more about these peculiar findings could help us to understand how human life evolved on our planet.

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