Mysterious Visitors From Other Realms And Enigma Of Atmospheric Phenomena

Ellen Lloyd - -  Our journey takes us to a region where strange lights have been seen and many people have either gone missing or been found dead. People who have visited the area report sightings of peculiar small beings who look like children, but they are not. They are something entirely different.

It is said a vast system of tunnels and an artificial subterranean labyrinth could be home to unknown creatures who are dangerous to approach.

Mysterious Visitors From Other Realms And Enigma Of Atmospheric Phenomena

According to a legend many people have never returned when they went searching for an ancient treasure that is allegedly hidden somewhere.

When visiting this place, people report they have experienced a loss of time and displacement in space. Could some unknown force present in the area be the cause? What kind of force is responsible for peculiar levitation cases, numerous strange vanishings and deaths? Some people have simply vanished into thin air, which has led to speculations that there may be an invisible interdimensional portal in the region.

Something very strange is happening here, but no-one can explain what.

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