Bizarre And Unexplained Phenomenon That Defied The Laws Of Nature

Ellen Lloyd - - Some events are so weird one doesn’t even know how to properly relate the story. This is the case with the bizarre and unexplained phenomenon that defied the laws of nature that we are discussing this time.

Of all unexplained mysteries, this is one of the most remarkable stories ever told. How much of it is true and how much is based on rumors, is difficult to say because so much time has passed. Many witnesses are long gone, and several historical records are missing. However, there is no doubt that something extraordinary did happen on that special day when laws of nature played a key role in events that defy common sense.

Bizarre And Unexplained Phenomenon Of The Floating Coffin

This peculiar case reminds of story we discussed in one of our previous articles, Unexplained Phenomenon In Ancient Ireland – When Legends, Science And Real Events Collide. As you will notice at the end of the story, there are certain similarities between these two events.

Perhaps our understanding of nature, reality and the world we live in is still very limited…

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