Freemasons Secrets – American Democracy Is Part Of An Ancient Universal Plan – The Beginning And The Dream Of A Brotherhood Of Men – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - - This time, in our article dealing with secret knowledge of Freemasons, we explore the possibility that American democracy is part of an ancient Universal plan.

Every one of us lives in his or her own world. Most people go around and follow daily routines without thinking much about how secret ancient knowledge may have influenced the society we live in today. Some of us enjoy archaeology, travel and visiting ancient places, admiring ruins left by powerful and intriguing ancient civilizations.

Freemasons Secrets - American Democracy Is Part Of An Ancient Universal Plan - The Beginning And The Dream Of A Brotherhood Of Men - Part 1

Many of these magnificent prehistoric buildings that have survived and silently witnessed wars, different catastrophes and long gone ancient civilizations testify to the greatness of our ancestors and their existence offer us a unique glimpse of the past.

Most of us see what we want to see and think what we want to think, but there are also those who call themselves truth-seekers and they want to explore humans’ existence on a deeper level.

Many answers to our questions can be found in sacred ancient texts. The answers are by no means easy to find and requires years of painstaking research. Hidden between the lines, in sacred ancient books and manuscripts, we can find incredible information that turns all we know about ancient history upside down.

Many of Freemasonic concepts and ideologies are explained in a symbolic manner and often directed to people who are already very familiar with ancient history and mythology. As readers have seen in our article about Masonic Symbols, the Brotherhood tends to conceal much of their knowledge behind symbolism.

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This is why we keep exploring the secret of knowledge of Freemasons, one of the oldest and world largest brotherhoods whose history goes back to distant antiquity. According to Masonic sources there is an ancient Universal plan that was set in motion in the ancient temples of Greece, Egypt, and India. This mysterious ancient master plan covers the entire world, and one part of it deals with the democracy of America.

Now, without twisting the subject and turning it into a conspiracy, let’s explore in an objective manner what all this really means and how everything started. Our journey is long and we will begin by travelling thousands of years back in time.

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