Mysterious Unknown Beings Who Walked The Earth With Humans

A. Sutherland - - Different races were present on earth in the distant past. We cannot deny this. Are we trying to erase perhaps thousands of years in our history, just because the facts do not fit in our history books?

Mysterious Unknown Beings Who Walked The Earth With Humans

Ancient and prehistoric rock art, found in thousands of places throughout the world, undoubtedly had its purpose and meaning, even if it's difficult to interpret it and understand the intentions of ancient artists. Nevertheless, hours of observations are not needed to see our ancestors tried to convey an important message to future generations.

Ancient civilizations used a variety of ways, myths, cave paintings, artifacts, and more to tell us about the world they lived in. Their story is intriguing and based on what we are about to find out, it is clear mysterious unknown beings walked the Earth with humans.  Who were they? Where did they come from and why were they so important to our ancestors?

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