Hidden Records Of A Civilization Frozen In Time – Mysterious Time Capsules

A. Sutherland - AncientPages.com - Existing worlds are destroyed on a periodical and cyclical basis and at least four, or perhaps even five marvelous worlds have already been destroyed due to global cataclysms in the past.

Our ancestors believed that destiny cannot be altered. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.

Hidden Records Of A Civilization Frozen In Time - Mysterious Time Capsules

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Aware of those changes, the ancient sages and highest masters of a remote past made sure that all secrets of the ancient wisdom were kept well-guarded from all dangers that could come.

An idea to create a time capsule is not new. Time capsules have a long history, and our modern civilization has created several time capsules buried at locations all around the world. But did our ancestors do the same?

Did ancient advanced civilizations preserve the wisdom and advanced knowledge for the future generations of this planet? If so, where could such ancient records be hidden?

Will the future generations of humans get access to these ancient revelations one day when times are propitious, and the human brain is properly prepared to assimilate all this knowledge?

What if these ancient records are not meant to be broken by our civilization?

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