Antediluvian Time-Capsule Hidden In Forbidden Ancient Egyptian Crypts?

Ellen Lloyd - - This time we discuss forbidden history of ancient Egypt.

Many ancient places in Egypt are restricted, and public access is denied. It’s not easy to learn what is hidden inside some of the most forbidden Egyptian tunnels, crypts, temples and other ancient monuments.

Answers from Egyptologists do not always give us clarity and frankly this is because many times, experts simply do not have all the answers themselves, and they offer speculations.

Antediluvian Time-Capsule Hidden In Forbidden Ancient Egyptian Crypts?

Alternative ancient history researchers who have investigated mysteries of ancient Egypt, have their own theories and their statements certainly don’t reflect the views of Egyptologists and mainstream historians. Who should we listen to? Perhaps it’s best to hear both sides of the story and form our own opinion. That’s exactly what we will do in this article.

We are moving thousands of years back in time and entering a historical period that we possess very little information about. Our journey takes us to pre-dynastic Egypt and we will try to unravel why some Egyptian crypts are forbidden to enter. Why has access to these crypts been restricted? Is it because of danger or something else?

There are those who think that an Antediluvian treasure is hidden in one of these crypts, but this treasure does not consist of any precious artifacts. It’s something much more valuable. Something that would change our understanding of ancient history completely. Is the treasure a message especially written for our modern world? Could it be an Antediluvian time-capsule?

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