Unexplained Mystery Of A Painting That Has Been Labeled ‘Evil’

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - To many of us it can seem odd that physical objects can be labeled “evil”. How can a painting be considered evil?

Owners of this uncanny artistic work say this is no ordinary painting at all. It was created under strange circumstances and it has caused them many troubles, as well as fear.

Unexplained Mystery Of A Painting That Has Been Labeled 'Evil'
Although a majority of scientists are still skeptical, there is a group of researchers who suggest bad energy can be picked up from a place or people. It’s a controversial theory and there is still little scientific evidence supporting this assumption. Nevertheless, many ordinary people, and some scientists think what we sense is linked to our perception of positive or negative chemosignals left over in that particular environment.

This brings us to the subject of the mysterious painting that was created by an unknown artist. How and why can this work be regarded as evil? Those who have owned it offer a very interesting account of what they experienced over the years.

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