Does A Renaissance Painting Offer Proof Of Unknown Advanced Technology?

Ellen Lloyd - - We keep searching for traces of advanced ancient technology. This time we take a closer look at a beautiful Renaissance painting that contains several unusual details. It may seem like just one of many old paintings we can admire today, but the truth is that this work is very strange indeed.

Does A Renaissance Painting Offer Proof Of Unknown Advanced Technology?

When you look at the painting for the first time, you may admire the wonderful colors used by the artist and the whole scenery gives you much to think about.

You may not notice that some anomalies appear in the painting, but look a second time, study the painting in detail and you’ll discover something very strange is hidden in plain sight. The Renaissance painter was a true master, and the result is astonishing, but what was he thinking when he added certain mysterious objects? These objects do not appear on other Renaissance paintings. There are researchers who suggest this enigmatic painting contains proof of unknown advanced technology. Are we witnessing sophisticated artificial objects our modern society has not invented yet?

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