Home Of The Gods – Arrival Of Golden Ships – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - Ancient myths and legends tell a remarkable story about a place that became known as home of the gods. According to the legend, about 13,000 B.C. shining ships suddenly emerged in the skies.

A loud thunder was heard, the Earth was shaking, and bright lights illuminated the heavens.

People bowed down in awe before the mighty strangers who came to take possession of the Earth.

Home Of The Gods - Arrival Of Golden Ships - Part 1

The quest for the truth about our origin takes on a journey to the most wonderful ancient places that are still shrouded in mystery.

These ancient sites were once in the distant past visited by beings who our ancestors say came from the stars.

There are many different ways of experiencing and learning more about our intriguing past.

Watching and touching sacred stones can easily give a sense of coming closer to the ancient lost civilizations who left a powerful legacy on our planet.

By reading legends and myths, and listening to stories of our ancestors, we can picture in our mind the world as it looked thousands of years ago.

If we treasure and appreciate our ancestors' ancient and secret wisdom, we can feel a connection to the masters of the Universe.

We should never forget that we humans are children of the stars and frankly we are all made of stardust.  One man risked everything to give us the knowledge we are discussing today. He explored the most inaccessible places and dared to visit and do what no-one else did. It is thanks to him that we can read this incredible account.  As always, it is up to our readers to decide for themselves what to think about this fascinating story.

Join us on a long journey and explore the ancient secrets of the home of the gods and meet those who were remembered by our ancestors as star beings who were once present on this planet.

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