Strange Engraving Made By Knights Templar In French Village – It Doesn’t Make Sense Or Does It? – Part 2

Ellen Lloyd - - As discussed in part 1 of this series, a researcher who decided to investigate a strange carving made by Knights Templar in France found some peculiar details that are hard to explain. We have talked about one aspect of the ancient carving and now we will attempt to shed light on another peculiar detail. Whether the entire picture fits ancient history as we know it is a matter of interpretation.

Strange Engraving Made By Knights Templar In French Village - It Doesn't Make Sense Or Does It? - Part 2

Does the ancient carving make sense or doesn’t it?  Were the Knights Templar trying to tell us something we cannot comprehend?

What the researchers discover may be shocking to some, but it's vital to investigate anything that may bring us closer to the truth. We remain as always open-minded and consider all possibilities.

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