Forbidden Knowledge: Secret Ancient Gates Of The Shining Ones – The Beginning – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - - Today, much of the wisdom of the past is either lost, misunderstood or suppressed by orthodox scientists. The truth is, we cannot erase our past and the legacy of the gods and sophisticated ancient civilization is still with us.

Ancient legends tell that during the age of the gods, the Shining Ones, who were presented in many countries world-wide constructed a number of dimensional gates leading to other worlds. These gates have been with us for several thousands of years. In ancient times, they served as secret entrances to a large subterranean world.

Forbidden Knowledge: Secret Ancient Gates Of The Shining Ones - The Beginning - Part 1

Could this be true? Is there any physical evidence that support the claims of our ancestors? Researchers who investigated the subject found certain ancient buildings and places that are “unusual” and may have served as a gateway to an unknown realm.

Let us walk through the ancient gates and open secret doors that were meant to be closed forever.

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