Ancient Mystery Of The American Southwest – Unusual Skeletons And Mummies – Part 2

Ellen Lloyd - - In part 1 of this series we talked about a curious discovery that could shed more light on the Cliff Dwellers. We continue to examine puzzling archaeological findings and encounter more oddities that have been neglected by scientists.

Ancient Mystery Of The American Southwest – Unusual Skeletons And Mummies – Part 2

The discovery of unusual ancient skeletons and mummies in the Southwest reveals something quite extraordinary. As we are about to find out, we’re once again confronted with many unanswered questions. Who was the giantess? What was wrong with the skeletons and mummies? Why was everything “forgotten”? What happened to the stolen ancient relics? Can the answer to the mysterious disappearances be found in another country? It seems people who lived here were somehow erased from history.

We continue our journey through the American Southwest searching for clues that can help us understand what ancestors experienced.

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