Danger Lurking In The Woods – Unknown Force And Mysterious Lights – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - It’s no secret that some places are dangerous to visit. Those who have no knowledge about this particular forest may think it’s a just a beautiful spot on our planet. However, those who had the misfortune of visiting the woods will tell you otherwise. Witnesses have seen mysterious strange lights in the area.

Mysterious deaths, unexplained vanishings and unusual sightings reveal this is by no means an ordinary place.  This place has a very long dark and frightening history.

Danger Lurking In The Woods - Unknown Force And Mysterious Lights - Part 1


An invisible and unknown force seems to have a terrifying effect on all living beings who visit the woods. Some horrifying sighting have made people insane. It has been suggested the place serve as a passage between our reality and the world beyond. Another possibility is much more frightening.

It seems that something evil and sinister is lurking in the woods. What could it be?


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