They Spoke The Language Of The Gods – Keepers Of Sacred Ancient Knowledge – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - - Who were these mysterious people? When and where did they manifest themselves? Why do we know almost nothing about them?

One of the problems we face this time, is that there is very little information about these enigmatic, yet highly influential individuals.

They Spoke The Language Of The Gods - Keepers Of Sacred Ancient Knowledge - Part 1

As we explore this ancient mystery, we realize that there is no clear dividing line between truth and fantasy, regarding their existence and powerful legacy. How can we determine what accounts should be treated as valid? What sources should we rely on?

In ancient times, these mysterious and unusual people were described as magicians, scientists and keepers of Gods’ sacred knowledge.

In part 1 of this series, we will attempt to unravel the identity of these extraordinary personalities and explain why they said that they spoke the language of the gods.

We will look at ancient sources, mythology, discuss lands they occupied and people who met them. Piecing together the clues they left behind, is by no means easy and modern historians admit our knowledge of these ancient people is incomplete.

We cannot deny they possessed remarkable information about the world we live in, as well as the Universe. They were familiar with medicine, astronomy, technology, philosophy and they knew the secrets of the Gods.

Their social ranking was so high that they didn’t have to follow society's rules.

Who were the keepers of Gods' sacred knowledge?

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