Mysterious Camerano Underground City – Secret Meeting Place For Knights Templar?

Ellen Lloyd - -Below the city of Camerano in Italy, there is a large, ancient underground city with tunnels, caves, and secret passages leading to mysterious chambers with altars and enigmatic symbols carved on the walls.

The history of the Camerano underground city is shrouded in mystery, and it is unknown who constructed this magnificent subterranean complex.

Mysterious Camerano Underground City – Secret Meeting Place For Knight Templar?

Image credit: Riveria del Conero

Was the three-level underground complex used by Freemasons, Knights Templar, or Pagans who held secret meetings and performed rituals there?

Locals say this enigmatic subterranean city has always been there, and the history of the underground city is simply unknown. There are 17 entrances to the underground city, and some mysterious chambers are accessible through the main palaces of the town.

In 2012, human remains were found in one of the crypts. One of the skeletons belonged to a baby about a year and a half. Who the child was and how and why the bones were buried there remains an unsolved mystery.

Sacred Caves With Spiritual Energy

According to local historian Alberto Recanatini and author of the book Le Grotte del Conero” (“The Caves of the Conero”), the underground city of Camerano was first used as a place of worship and meetings in pre-Christian times by the Piceni. They were early Iron Age inhabitants of the Adriatic coast of Italy. The Piceni traded with the Greeks as early as the 7th century B.C. They were the first documented settlers between the 7th and 4th millennium B.C.

Mysterious Camerano Underground City – Secret Meeting Place For Knight Templar?

Image credit: The Camerano Project

Later, the city of Camerano came under Roman control, but Recenatini thinks there is reason to believe the underground caves and tunnels date back thousands of years.

Ancient legends say this is a place of great spiritual importance. The caves are sacred and filled with spiritual energy, and their intensity increases with depth.

The caves have symbolic meaning and represent purity. Many of the caves and chambers are associated with light and darkness, life and death, and creation and destruction, Recanatini says.

Ancient Structures Remind Of Knights Templar

The underground city of Camerano had different functions over time.  In ancient times, it was used for religious rites- Later, it became a storage facility for water; during WWII, it was a bomb shelter.

Mysterious Camerano Underground City – Secret Meeting Place For Knight Templar?

Image credit: Riveria del Conero

Inside the underground complex are vaulted, domed or arched niches and tunnels in the caves adorned with religious symbols. Recanatini explains that one of these mysterious structures reminds of the Knights of the Round Table, while another hall resembles the tomb of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

Today it is possible to visit the underground city. Three caves with unique symbols on the walls are now open to the public: Palazzo Ricotti, Palazzo Corraducci, and Palazzo Mancinforte.

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Updated on October 17, 2022

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