Deception And Hidden Truth – Ancient Struggle Of The Eagle And Serpent – Part 1

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Matthew LaCroix - - The purpose of this article is to reveal the truth behind how ancient civilizations viewed the symbols of the eagle and serpent, the role they each played in history, as well as to expose the lies and deception that later occurred behind their meanings in society.

This information is derived from my latest book entitled: The Stage of Time, which explores the nature of reality, the secrets of ancient history, and the gods of antiquity. My goal as a writer and researcher is to expose the truth about the past, no matter where that road leads.

Deception And Hidden Truth - Ancient Struggle Of The Eagle And Serpent - Part 1

From North and South America, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and Japan, the important symbols of the eagle and serpent have played a major role in many of the ancient civilizations of antiquity. To most, the symbol of the eagle represents freedom and sovereignty, while the serpent represents deception or evil. But is that how ancient societies viewed them?

Following the evidence trail around the world allows a far different picture to emerge, where the truth behind these symbols was eventually inverted to represent their opposite meanings, just as it was with many other symbols as well. This information can be difficult for many to reintegrate into their thought process, due to the level of false conditioning that has occurred with these symbols for so long.

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