Unexplained Sightings Of An Unknown Parallel World – Did He Stumble Upon An Interdimensional Portal?

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - In several of our previous articles, we discussed the existence of so-called time windows or hidden interdimensional portals that briefly and unexpectedly open up and let a person step into another dimension of time, closing the door upon our own era.

Curious Historical Observation Of A Bronze Age Warrior Who Shouldn’t Exist

In several cases, a person who accidentally stumbled upon a gateway leading to another world, invisible to the naked eye, is reported never to have left his original location. Yet, at the same time, he witnessed scenes from a different time in history, often from the past. In stepping into the past, the scene's actors are entirely unconscious of the observer because he lives in their future.

In other cases, a person who entered through an invisible interdimensional gate was reported to vanish into thin air. In a truly cosmic perspective, the present is no more real than the past or future. The time barrier is a limitation that separates the present from the past and the future.

The following event, which I would like to present to our readers today, is a good example showing it is not always possible to draw a clear line between the past and future.

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