Unexplained Cases Of Holographic Projections In Ancient And Modern Times

Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - In the modern world we can now experience how holographic technology is becoming a reality. We have previously been used to seeing holograms in science fiction movies such as for example Star Trek and Star Wars, but more and more mind-blowing holographic projections can today be admired in the real world.

Unexplained Cases Of Holographic Projections In Ancient And Modern Times

In this article we will focus on a highly thought-provoking and controversial subject, namely the debate considering the true nature of holy apparitions seen by thousands of people world-wide. We will also examine what our ancestors could possibly know about holographic projections.

Some ancient sources reveal holographic technology is not really a modern invention. Some of opinions we present may be a little shocking to some, but we should nevertheless consider all possibilities and as always, it’s up to our readers to determine and judge the presented evidence for themselves.

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