Is ‘Someone’ Regularly Altering The Course Of History? – Is So How, Why And Who? Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - - The theory we will discuss today is unsettling but worthy of our attention.

We do know that everything we do, everything we decide will in some way change history. Just look at some major historical events and you’ll understand. What if Hitler had not been defeated? Obviously, our world would be entirely different today. Or what would life on Earth look like if the dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out?  From the defeat of the Mongol Empire to the French Revolution, there are countless historical events that have shaped the modern world.

Is 'Someone' Regularly Altering The Course Of History? - Is So How, Why And Who? Part 1

Supporters of the multiverse theory will argue parallel times do exist. In another parallel world, Hitler may have won the war, and dinosaurs are still roaming the Earth. This may very well be true if the multiverse theory is confirmed one day.

The bizarre behavior of the atoms and energy that make up the universe leaves us with endless possibilities exploring all aspects of the nature of reality. Quantum laws basically tell us that anything that can happen will or has happened, but this article does not deal with parallel worlds or different timelines. Instead, we focus our attention on the one and only reality and world we know and can observe.

Some will argue the theory we elaborate on this time sounds like an excellent plot taken from a science fiction movie, but there are serious authors and researchers who have considered the possibility certain historical events have been deliberately altered.

Let us assume that “someone” is deliberately changing the course of events. Is it possible someone wants events to unfold in just the right way to achieve the desired results? If someone wants to manipulate the course of human events and by doing so changing the path of history, how can this be best achieved?

Who or what can have such great powers to directly influence our timeline and history? Why would anyone even bother to do so? What would be the purpose, and how can this be best achieved?

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