Ancient Mystery From The Age Of Taurus And The Murdered Astronomer – Overlooked Secret In The North – Part 1

Ellen Lloyd - - Today widely recognized for his scientific achievement, the man whose work inspired future astronomers and other scientists ended tragically.

He was open-minded, curious and not afraid to explore ancient wisdom even if the results of his studies were labeled unorthodox.

Ancient Mystery From The Age Of Taurus Presented By Murdered Astronomer - Overlooked Secret In The North - Part 1

Many years have passed, but his ideas remain as intriguing as ever. By uniting astronomical science with ancient history, religious texts, and mythology, he discovered that many ancient civilizations were much more advanced than previously thought.

His fascinating research was undoubtedly controversial and his conclusions about humanity's past are a challenge to all truth seekers.

Are his theories far-fetched or have modern researchers over-looked a vital piece of ancient history? Could his studies shed new light on our enigmatic ancient past? Can his work prove some mythological figures were real beings who walked the Earth? Did he discover a secret hidden in a myth that we in modern times have misunderstood? If so, could this myth describe real events that might easily re-write ancient history?

It’s time to explore an ancient mystery presented by this intelligent astronomer who could have accomplished so much more if he hadn’t been murdered.

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