The Carthaginians’ Secret: Mysterious Desert Land Or America Found By Mistake?

Ellen Lloyd - - Did the Phoenicians discover America by mistake?

The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) wrote an intriguing account of how the Carthaginians came across a mysterious desert land. Some researchers suspect this description may refer to America.

The Carthaginians' Secret: Mysterious Desert Land Or America Found By Mistake?


Carthage was a Phoenician city located approximately 18 km northeast of Tunis on the coast of North Africa. According to historical records, it was not the Phoenicians’ first colony but, in its early days, became the largest and most famous city. It was an important political and commercial center. The third and final Punic War (149 – 146 BC) led to Rome’s complete destruction of Carthage. That devastating defeat ended Carthage’s brilliant time of glory.

The Phoenicians are famed for being master seamen who traded with the peoples around the Mediterranean, but did they also reach America?

Historians are deeply divided on this subject.

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