Dropa Stones: Did A 12,000 Year-Old Extraterrestrial Spaceship Crash On Earth?

Ellen Lloyd  - AncientPages.com - They came from a distant place in our Galaxy. Their spaceship crashed on Earth. They were chased and killed by humans. Stranded on an alien planet they desperately tried to return home.

Dropa Stones: A 12,000 Year-Old Extraterrestrial Spaceship Crashed On Earth?

They knew their existence was doomed and therefore they wrote down their story for others to read.
They wanted to tell us who they were and what brought them here.
They left a message for future generations, but the alien artifacts they left behind were hidden from the public.

Did a 12,000-year-old extraterrestrial spacecraft crash on Earth?

The story of the Dropa may be one of our greatest archaeological cover-ups.

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