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It's simple. We write for a living, and no one wants to work for free. Would you like to go to work and not get paid? Hardly. Unfortunately, many sites have problems increasing the number of readers using ad-blockers. There are currently 670 million online readers using adblocker! The only way to handle this is to lock some content and make it available only to those who respect and appreciate the topics we cover. As you have noticed, the number of paid subscription sites is increasing, and we know our readers well enough to say some are willing to pay a small fee to access some of our best articles. Thousands of articles on Ancient Pages will remain free, but premium content is only available to our members.

Our premium content is for those who are truly curious about humanity’s mysterious ancient past and unexplained mysteries. There are many ancient mysteries orthodox science cannot explain, and we think it’s important to present an alternative view of ancient historical events.

Our popular library of ancient and unexplained mysteries

We publish premium articles regularly, and our library contains hundreds of mysteries. Our “trust policy” is simple and straightforward. Premium members trust us and pay to access the content. They support our site and are seriously interested in our work. We return that trust by regularly publishing premium articles and, of course, all the other free articles we publish on a daily basis.

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Our huge library of ancient & unexplained mysteries is packed with fascinating information.

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Many of our premium articles are controversial in nature, and that's the point because we encourage our readers to think and explore all possibilities. To understand the past, one must remain open-minded. We believe our readers are interested in examining various possibilities that could shed light on some of the greatest mysteries of the past.

We investigate unsolved ancient mysteries, hidden history, lost lands, unexplained phenomena, remarkable ancient technology, secret ancient knowledge, incredible ancient civilizations, prehistoric alien visitations, and perplexing artifacts. We base our articles on books and magazines and not internet pages, which means we will provide our readers with book recommendations so anyone can explore the topics of interest further. 

We also compare scientific discoveries with unorthodox theories, and it is up to our readers to form an opinion.

Our premium articles are well-researched, written objectively, and suited for readers who want thought-provoking, exclusive, quality content.

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Why I bought a subscription? Simple! I love the content here and I want to support Ancient Pages. Keep up the good work guys! I learn so much here! Happy to have become a premium member!

  • Anthony, Virginia, United States

Reading Ancient Pages is nowadays my daily routine. This site gives me so much delight and being a mystery lover I naturally couldn't resist trying the library with all these ancient and unexplained mysteries. I'm happy I became a member cause it's a very large library with tons of remarkable mysteries. Ancient Pages is simply a must-read!

  • Keily, Edmonton, Canada

I'm a great fan of Ellen Lloyd and love reading her articles. When it comes to ancient mysteries and anything that remains unexplained she's the best guide one can get. She takes you to places you never thought existed and she picks the best and most curious mysteries. Anyone who loves mysteries will enjoy these articles. I love this library and Ancient Pages is my favorite site.  Love being an Ancient Pages member!

  • Anthony, Oklahoma, USA

Excellent and informative articles! Great book recommendations! I enjoy everything Ancient Pages publishes!

  • Marcus, Texas, USA

To me personally, Ancient Pages is the most interesting and reliable site covering history. The fact that all articles are always written by the same authors, appeals to me. As a reader I find it easier to follow the thoughts of the author.

  • Angela, California, USA

The site’s vast archive offers us, readers, plenty of information on a variety of topics. Mythology, history, mysteries, and pure facts, there is everything here.  I look forward to every newsletter and I have long searched for a site like this one. Very happy to have finally found Ancient Pages and I enjoy my time spent here, reading in peace. Thank you for your outstanding work. By signing up as a member I know I contributed to making Ancient Pages stronger and able to produce more outstanding articles. At the same time, the premium articles I now have access to give me so many interesting things to think about. Being a history nerd for years, I can assure everyone this site is truly outstanding!

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Simply the best ancient history site on the net! The library of ancient and unexplained mysteries is superb! Love your work and visit all the time!

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Just wow! This is the best and most interesting ancient history site I’ve ever visited. Their ancient mysteries library is remarkable! I love Ancient Pages because they’ve outstanding writers, offer us credible information and the best of ancient history, archaeology, ancient mysteries, mythology, unexplained mysteries, not to mention they give educational topics too. They are simply the best and I recommend everyone to become a member and support their work. I said it once and I’ll say it again. Ancient Pages is the best site and I love reading here!

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People who write for Ancient Pages love their work and have knowledge about the subjects they cover. I can see it and that’s why they’re so good and the articles are so interesting. I like all your articles very much. Merci beaucoup!

  • Clément, Paris, France

I love the premium articles! They’re packed with info and I’ve learned so much! Ellen Lloyd is a remarkable writer and researcher. One of the best in the field! Signing up for membership was a wonderful thing to do! Ancient Pages is a great ancient history site and I visit every day.

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As a reader of Message To Eagle I never hesitated to become an Ancient Pages member. The all-in-one newsletter gives me all the news I need, science and ancient history. I don’t feel I have to visit several sites daily cause these guys deliver the best stuff right into my mailbox. Keep up the excellent work, folks!

  • Tom, Washington, USA

Ellen Lloyd is astonishing and so is her entire team. Both sites, Ancient Pages and Message To Eagle are outstanding! What I especially like is the surprise moment! Makes me feel like a child on Christmas Eve. The premium articles are full of fascinating surprises. Ellen doesn’t promote any idea or theory, she simply gives us valuable information and mind you, there were times when I spent hours thinking about what I just read!

I’m so happy I found this wonderful site and decided to become a member!

  • Mark, Nottingham, UK

As a historian, I must confess I was a bit cautious and didn’t know if I should join or not, but I did, and I don’t regret it for a minute! Yes, some premium articles are controversial, but they offer a new fresh perspective and solutions I never considered. I congratulate everyone at Ancient Pages and thank you for proving us with such interesting articles.

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What can I say? I want more and more! I look forward to every premium article! Everything you publish is beyond my expectation. I’m a proud Ancient Pages member and this is the only site I rely on when it comes to ancient related topics.

  • Darragh, Kilkenny, Ireland

This is solid work. No sensationalism, good solid research! Highly recommended!

  • Andreas, Copenhagen, Denmark

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in ancient mysteries. Ellen Lloyd and Ancient Pages give me a chance to explore places and events I never knew existed. I’m very thankful for the reading recommendations, and I think it’s superb that all articles are based on books. Most sites just re-write everything from each other. When I read these premium articles, I know the subject is well-researched and I can continue to investigate and learn more if I want.

I appreciate all the articles I can read. Thank you!

  • Magda, Warsaw, Poland

Hey, no one likes to pay on the internet, but if I must pay for a subscription, Ancient Pages is the winner! The content is awesome!

Their customer support is very good too. Friendly and fast people! I feel at home here.

  • Steven, Massachusetts, USA

I became a member the first day they offered premium articles. I know Ancient Pages and MessageToEagle – these guys deliver what they promise! Great content to say the least!

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Personally, I wish to read just one or two authors. Reading articles by many authors is confusing. They all have their own opinions, contradict each other and the content doesn’t make sense. So, I was in heaven when I found Ancient Pages. I love Ellen’s articles. She is professional, and I prefer to pay and read excellent quality content. I don’t have time to google and visit many other sites. Ancient Pages has become my ultimate resource for ancient topics. They have everything I need and it’s a fantastic site.

Five stars without hesitation.

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