Sumerian God Enki – Commander Of Eridu - The Sumerian texts state that "When Kingship was lowered from Heaven" after the Deluge, "Kingship was in Eridu."

Eridu was situated astride the Thirtieth Parallel as close to it as the marshy waters of the Persian Gulf had permitted.

God Enki

While the administrative-secular center of Sumer shifted from time to time, Eridu remained a sacred city for all time.

“The first landing party numbered fifty astronauts; they were called Anunnaki—" Those of Heaven Who Are on Earth."

They splashed down in the Arabian Sea, and made their way to the head of the Persian Gulf, establishing there their first Earth Station E.RI.DU—" Home in Faraway Built."

Their commander was a brilliant scientist and engineer who loved to sail the seas, whose hobby was fishing. He was called E.A—" He Whose House Is Water," and was depicted as the prototype Aquarius; but having led the landing on Earth, he was given the title EN.KI—" Lord Earth."

Like all the Sumerian gods, his distinguishing feature was the horned headdress.

Artistic impression of Eridu

Artistic impression of Eridu

The original plan, it appears, was to extract the gold from the seawaters; but the plan proved unsatisfactory. The only alternative was to do it the hard way: to mine ores in southeastern Africa, haul them by ship to Mesopotamia, and there smelt and refine them.

The refined gold ingots were then sent aloft in Shuttlecraft, to an Earth-orbiting craft. There they awaited the periodic arrival of the Mother Spaceship, which took the precious metal back home…”

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