Evidence Of The Moon-Eyed People – More Clues – Part 2

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Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com – In part 1 we discussed the Cherokee legend of the Moon-Eyed people and some archaeological discoveries that may offer evidence these enigmatic people exist.

We talked about certain expeditions and explorers who tried to find traces of the Moon-Eyed people, and in the middle of all this, we encountered a strange Runic tablet and an unusual discovery in North Dakota that may hold the clues to our ancient mystery.

Evidence Of The Moon-Eyed-People - More Clues - Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, there are historians and other scientists who are convinced the Moon-Eyed people exist because they claim they’ve lived among this little known ancient race that is also known under a different name.

As we continue our journey through North America, we focus our attention on curious myths, a very old written account and other discoveries that contribute to an even better understanding of the mysterious Moon-Eyed people. We discuss more intriguing clues that offer evidence of the Moon-Eyed people.

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