Mysterious Hockomock Swamp – A Vortex To The Unknown In Massachusetts?

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Ellen Lloyd - - Many who have visited the Hockomock Swamp in Southeastern Massachusetts, USA say it’s a creepy place. Strange unidentified lights, peculiar creatures lurking in the shadows, unusual ancient objects, and unknown animals, are just some of many things that have been observed and encountered in the area that has been nicknamed Massachusetts’ own Bermuda Triangle.

Named by the Wampanoag people, the name Hockomock means ''place where spirits dwell." Colonial English settlers called the place the 'Devil's Swamp".

Mysterious Hockomock Swamp - A Vortex To The Unknown In Massachusetts?

The Hockomock Swamp located inside the Bridgewater Triangle has been feared for a long time. Many people have vanished there under mysterious circumstances and some researchers say the region is a gateway to unexplained activity.  Native Americans viewed the Hockomock Swamp as sacred, but also evil.

Ancient Mysteries Of The Hockomock Swamp

Those who are interested in ancient history will undoubtedly find that the Hockomock Swamp has many great prehistoric riddles to offer. The identity of the first inhabitants of the region remains a controversial subject, but archaeologists and historians have found many old curiosities in the area.

One of the most famous ancient discoveries made here is the striking Dighton Rock that has been a subject of intense debate, curiosity, and admiration for centuries.

Dighton Rock Inscription unknown

First photograph of Dighton Rock, by Capt. Seth Eastman (1853)

It’s a rock with a mysterious past we are unable to decipher. Its cuneiform-style inscriptions have long intrigued and puzzled observers and researchers. Who made the remarkable carvings and enigmatic patterns on the Dighton Rock? Was the Dighton Rock made by ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Vikings, or perhaps Portuguese who visited Massachusetts in the distant past? Many scholars have put forward theories attempting to solve the riddle of the Dighton Rock, but the boulder still remains one of many mysteries on the landscape of the Hockomock and the Bridgewater Triangle.

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There are of course many more ancient mysteries in the Hockomock Swamp.

Loren Coleman writes in the wonderful and fascinating book, Mysterious America that “several years ago, an expedition of Massachusetts archaeologists discovered an 8,000- year-old Indian burial site on Grassy Island in the Hockomock Swamp. When the graves were opened, the red ochre within the tombs allegedly bubbled and dissolved mysteriously, and every photograph taken of the site failed to develop.”

The legendary thunderbird worshipped among Native Americans is said to have appeared in the Hockomock Swamp region. People also report sightings of other strange creatures encountered in folklore and legends.

Alleged sightings of the famous and elusive Bigfoot take place frequently in the Bridgewater Triangle, but conclusive evidence of the creature’s existence is still missing. People say they have spotted unknown giant snakes, huge birds, and several other animals unknown to modern science.

Is Hockomock Swamp A Vortex Leading To An Unknown World?

Some suggest that Hockomock Swamp is cursed. Many people who have been here said they have a feeling of being watched while in the swamp. But how do we explain all these unexplained sightings around the swamp?  According to one theory, certain glacial soils there might contain some kind of natural magnetic mineral that could interfere with compasses, GPS systems and perhaps even the human mind.

Paranormal researchers speculated the area is surrounded by negative and disruptive energy, and there are those who say the Hockomock Swamp is a gravitational anomaly. Chris Pittman who studied investigated several unusual events around the Hockomock area thinks the place could be a vortex.

Mystery Of The Hockomock Swamp – A Vortex Leading To An Unknown World In Massachusetts?

People often get the feeling they're being watched by someone or something living in the swamp. Credit: Public Domain

''Throughout the world, there are areas that have vortexes, or windows, in which the laws of gravity seem not to operate in the way as understood in the natural world.  While not all these places are rife with the paranormal, I am fairly confident that almost any place you find the paranormal humming, there is also a vortex where gravity and energy aren't behaving normally,” Pittman said.

Christopher Balzano who investigated unexplained events in the Hockomock Swamp is also convinced the vortex examination can shed light on many mysterious sightings reported in this region.

''So much of King Philip's War (1675-1676), a terrible and bloody conflict between English settlers and the natives of the region, took place near the swamp. Both sides committed crimes against women and children, and the swamp saw some of the bloodiest massacres ever to happen in America. Even after the war, there was betrayal and killing.

The Wampanoag found their land taken away and most of their tribe was killed. Their traditional enemies had sided with the settlers and had gained power over them as well.

Some say that the wounded and pained spirits of the Wampanoag are the reason for the paranormal in the swamp. That is part of the explanation, but I would go further. I think the vortex was in place in the swamp before the settlers, and before the Native Americans. That vortex contributed to the inhumanity of the war between the Wampanoag and the English, and it fosters pain and evil in that area to this day," Balzano said.

According to one Native American legend a wampum belt was lost during King Philip's War. It is believed that the area owes its paranormal unrest to the fact that this belt was lost from the Native people.

Wampum belts existed long before the European contact with the Native Americans and were used as the official tribal records, to keep historical records, to commemorate important events such as festivals or served as public records of treaties.

There is no doubt that the Hockomock Swamp is one of the most mysterious places in America, but swamps tend to challenge our understanding of the unknown. As previously mentioned in another article on Ancient Pages, the mysterious Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia is also as strange as beautiful.

Those who visited the Okefenokee Swamp have witnessed puzzling unidentified lights that cannot be tracked to any known object, craft, or place. Native Americans tell the Okefenokee Swamp was and still is home to an immortal race. There are also reports of aerial beings and giant skeletons observed and discovered around the Okefenokee Swamp.

Why do so many strange events take place around swamps?

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