On This Day In History: Canute – Cnut The Great – Danish King Of England Died – On Nov 12, 1035

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AncientPages.com - On November 12, 1035, died King Canute (Cnut The Great), a Danish King of England and ruler of one of the largest Nordic empires.

The Viking king had to fight very hard to reach his power.

Danish King of England Canute

His father, the Danish Viking King Sven Forkbeard (Sven Tveskäg), son of Harald Bluetooth sailed with his fleet for England in the summer of 1013. His goal was to overthrow the Anglo-Saxon King Aethelred the Redeless and conquer islands.

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Canute proved to be an effective ruler. He divided England into territorial lordships, owing loyalty to the king; he provided a unified dovernmental system that would last until the Tudors. He  stabilized the English coinage by introducing coins of equal weight to Scandinavian coins, which contributed to thereby encouraging international trade.

He was King of Denmark and England, for a time King of Norway and possibly lord of parts of Sweden. He was the most powerful king in northern Europe in the early eleventh century.

There is very little historic information about him.

Knut died  on November 12, 1035; he was only 40 years old.

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